About Swayam care


Be the leading manufacturer of medical health-devices based out of India. 

Our Values:

Integrity, Excellence, Family spirit and Good Citizenship.

Our Purpose

  • Manufacture sophisticated health-related solutions in India 
  • Ensure affordable prices 
  • Provide better products to Indians & hence reducing dependence on imports. 
  •  Contribute to make our country Atmanirbhar Bharat.

Swayam Care is a committed manufacturer of state-of-the-art, sophisticated medical health devices. We strive to bring them to everyone at affordable prices. 

We take great pride in ensuring best quality and technology for our products. The engineering background of the founders is an enormous asset in ensuring that only the very best products are manufactured and sent out to our customers.

Swayam Care came into existence after a lot of thought and contemplation by the founders. They had the common desire to contribute in building the nation and making our country self sufficient and self reliant. The young entrepreneurs had some time to think during the Covid-19 pandemic when everyone was under strict lockdown. That was the time when they thought about the medical and health industry. Their research showed them that India is very heavily dependent on imports for taking care of the demand for medical equipment and devices. Being an MBA student, Ninaad conducted insightful primary research and found that given a choice 80% of Indians referred Indian made products over an imported one.