Everything about Telemedicine Technologies

Telemedicine is a new trend that began gaining popularity since the pandemic times. The word about the future is, it’s all telemedicine and techs. Swayam Care also believes and agrees on the same. But, quick question, what is all this? What is telemedicine? Do telemedicine technologies even exist or, is it just a future thing? Go through the whole article to get a vivid idea of the same.

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Telemedicine and Technology

Telemedicine refers to the delivery and provision of healthcare services in any corner of the world. To simply wrap up, it is long-distance medication. Telecommunication technologies enable and promote the reach of a doctor to the patients. It enables remote diagnosis and treatment of patients. Also, consultation and follow-up checkups are no longer time-consuming. It is quite helpful for patients who lack access to proper health services and its implementation in a wide range has shown positive results in various aspects.

It is a boon for many since the current times. Doctors are relieved of long queues of patients and hectic timings. Advantages such as higher and quicker reach add to it. They are an essential component in the health sector.

Telecommunications aren’t the only technology involved in telemedicine. It is a vast field and requires much more than just the above said. Electronic health records, networking, DICOM and many more such tech come together. It is only then, effective implementation of telemedicine is possible.

Telemedicine Technologies

From the above introduction, it might be clear to you that telemedicine and technology must go hand in hand. Its ability ensure the best outcome quickly and effectively.
The study and implementation of the telemedicine concept started in the late 1960s. Thus, there exists telemedicine technology in the current age and definitely, the future will have further developed ones. For now, let’s focus on the existing ones.
Telemedicine technology encompasses both hardware and software aspects. To start with, there should be a computer or smartphone and a strong internet connection to ensure a smooth exchange of information. This setup is a must for at least an average video conferencing. The simplest model of all is an audio conference or call. It is the most basic approach in telemedicine and is pretty much outdated.
There are different techs for different branches and purposes. They are detailed as follows:

AI based Telemedicine Technologies

AI is a vital factor behind every advanced technology and is the backbone for almost all fields. It plays a crucial role even in telemedicine.

There exist AI-based smart apps for care assistance and remote analysis of patients. EHR and patient documents are now easy to access and analyze. Other aspects such as ML and DL algorithms are also growing. It marks the growth of science in the health industry. Also, various AI algorithms for the prediction of diseases are underuse and development. AI-based telerobots are a whole new deal.

Note- all these are in terms of the remote application. With such AI assistance, progress towards advancement is pretty easy. Thus, it is right to say that telemedicine has a bright future.

IoT Mobile Health Applications

Internet of Things is ruling the present period. The usage of IoT in almost anything and everything is a growing trend. Mobile apps to continuously monitor health is based on IoT. It enhances not just connectivity but also the provision of emergency services. Also, the patient can reach out to any doctor, pharmacy and other health services. It also supports and promotes the transfer of data of any type like images, records, etc. Storing patient history, clinical lab data, etc. is also possible, thanks to IoT. There is a lot of chaos regarding cloud storage and privacy, but its no more a concern. Blockchain and other such concepts ensure a safe and secure environment for data transfer and storage. All these enable us to take a step towards convenient remote monitoring. It thus, ensures that everyone in the health sector is satisfied.

Telemedicine Kiosks

Devices such as telemedicine kiosks mark the best of telemedicine techs. It is the best version of itself and among all the available tech. This equipment enables consultations from a physical point of care. It made virtual monitoring of vital parameters possible in real-time through the integrated stethoscope, pulse oximeter, thermometer, etc.
This on-site healthcare console is user-friendly and comes with various features such as a camera, handsets, touchscreen interface, etc. It is the turning point in the telemedicine field.

Future of Telemedicine Technologies

As mentioned earlier, telemedicine and its oriented techs have got a bright future. When it is on its best with available technology, further developments will take it to the next level. This field got a lot of opportunities to bloom. Telemedicine is making health services accessible and effective in every nook and corner.
Implementing 3D printing, VR/AR, etc. are the emerging ideas for telemedicine technologies. With such rates of growth, telemedicine will be standard healthcare practice very soon. Rapid digitalization is also a significant promoting factor to be considered. Thanks to the pandemic, telemedicine found a way to sprout out and thus, mark its start into a new era.





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