Positive Impact of COVID19

Hope In Times Of Despair


2020 was a year beyond our wild imagination. We had never thought of a day where everyone would be locked inside their homes,  schools and offices shut down with no hubbub of modern life. It was the year when most of us got introduced to terms like quarantine,  lockdown and more.  But as the adage goes “Tough conditions don’t last but tough people do”.  Damages caused by COVID are irreparable but it has also taught us some great life lessons which would help mankind establish a stronger and a brighter future.  In this blog, we explain what were the positive impacts of COVID that we all faced.

Here are some Positive Impacts of COVID19


Respect is an integral part of one’s life. We all are taught to be respectful from childhood.  Now,  some of you might be wondering what COVID has to do with respect?  

Most people including children and adults are taught to be respectful towards Health care workersJanitorsRecycle Man.  It has taught people that all professions are equal irrespective of the wages they offer. So,  in a sense, COVID has taught people a very important lesson. 

Swayam Care as an institution also believes in integrity, excellence, family spirit and good citizenship.

Compassion And Empathy

A lady feeding hungry stray dogs

Times of COVID helped people generate greater compassion and empathy for fellow humans and animals

Everyday there was a headline regarding people helping homeless who lost their jobs either by providing them food and water or giving them shelter.  People grew compassionate about stray animals, feeding them, taking care of them when the entire world was in lockdown. There was also a story in the news that some people had organized themselves in a group to deliver food to the homes where no one was available for cooking. 

It is desperate times like these where we all are reminded that buried within ourselves is a core of compassion and empathy. 

Time For Family

Families have come closer, spending time with grandparents and parents. Playing indoor games like Chess, Carom have become routine.

In a fast paced world where everyone is busy with work,  COVID helped people develop greater and deeper family bonds.  There was no hubbub of modern life rather a simple and understanding time with our families. 

People got to know each other deeply and tried to connect themselves in an emotional manner. 

Work With Newer Technologies

Believe it or not,  the times of pandemic helped people enhance their technical skills. Don’t you think Zoom call meeting,  Online classes,  Google meets were quite new to all of us. 

The founders of Swayam Care Mr.Ninaad Achalkar and Mr. Premanand Bhandarkar have been very motivated and inspired by the call from our Prime Minister to create a self-sufficient nation – an Atmanirbhar Bharat. They started this startup and have promised to make top-notch quality and technologically advanced medical devices in India.

We all explored wide array of technologies and expanded our knowledge.

Environmental aspects

Our ecosystem seems to be healing during such adverse times.  Wildlife has too flourished recently. 

  • Nationwide lockdown in UK resulted in reduction of NO2 pollution by 60%
  • Improvement in air quality in several cities. 
  • Greater number of flamingoes congregating in Mumbai as per reports. 
  • Sambar deer found wandering on roads in Chandigarh,  small Indian Civet spotted on zebra crossing in Kerala. 
  • Less movement of people on roads leading to less killings of wildlife on roadways. 

It seems Nature is healing and rejuvenating too. 

Improvements In lifestyles

People have significantly improved their lifestyles during these times.  Be it consuming fresh fruits and veggies or taking care of mental health, it has helped people grow. Everyone has realized the importance  of sanitation, social distancing

Swayam Care promotes healthy lifestyle with the usage of products like Oximeter

 The startup has its very own Pulse Oximeter which is Made in India, has a one-button operation and three measure parameters- SpO2, Pulse Rate, Body Temperature. In addition, Swayam Care pulse Oximeter can also be used on all ages, from infants to adults. One Oximeter for all ages.

Increment In Self Responsibility

Ranging from online classes from children to online office hours for adults,  we all have realized that in order to combat problems we need to be self responsibleOnline education,  work is self responsibility.. 

Final Thoughts:

When times are adverse we all too must evolve accordingly. COVID times definitely made us realize our inner hidden potentials to be better individuals for the future to come. 

Rahul Das

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