Third COVID Wave Expected Soon In India?

COVID-19 has had deadly influence on the people round the globe tormenting people of all ages. It is a disease that overlooks caste,  creed,  religion,  region and has continually destroyed people’s lives. Recently India saw a surge in the second wave with approximately 90.6 lakh cases which was at its peak on May 6, giving strong and clear indications that it was much stronger than the previous one.  But do we expect the third wave of COVID too after battling such harsh times? 

Third wave expected in September-October: Centre warns

If the reckless behaviour of people continues where no precautions are taken, then the third wave is inevitable. Maharashtra‘s Ahmednagar saw an uprising of 8000 COVID cases exclusively in children which alarmed the state government to take steady measures. “Central government’s top scientific adviser Dr K VijayRaghavan had said earlier this month that a third wave of the coronavirus is “inevitable”.

Andhra Pradesh government too has anticipated the arrival of a deadly third wave with 18 lakh cases exclusively in the state.

Factors responsible for the arrival of next wave

  1. Social Behavior of the people: It should be kept fresh in the minds of people that the second wave was a result of the mindset of people that the COVID pandemic has been put to an end,  resulting in the removal of masks, large social gatherings and not following basic protocols regulated by the government. Similarly, the attitude of people surely will be responsible for the next wave’s arrival. 
  2. Fear of vaccination: It has been reported that only 4% of India’s population has taken both doses of vaccination. Some people live in beliefs that vaccines may severely affect their lives and due to this fear prevent getting vaccinated. 
  3. Intensity and timing of control measures: Several measures have been taken by the government to fight the deadly pandemic. Ranging from awareness to vaccinations, everyone is trying their level best to combat the desperate times. But a question arises about the intensity and timing of these measures. India being a populous country faces a greater issue with this aspect. Barriers like illiteracy, overpopulation, regional disparity etc prevent the effectiveness of the measures.
  4. Improper management at personal level overlooking the dangers: The 1918 Spanish Flu influenza pandemic, arguably the most devastating in history, killed an estimated 50 million people in three waves between March 1918 and November 1919. Each wave had as high mortality as the previous one. 

So, if we don’t learn from history we are doomed to repeat it. 

Mass vaccination: An Effective Solution

Availability of vaccine and mass vaccination can be deemed as a handy solution for the disease. Everyone 18 years of age or older in our country is now eligible to get vaccinated. Covishield and Covaxin are being used in our country for vaccination drives. 

We all can’t now rely upon lockdowns for the disease to stop.  In a fast paced world that wants to return back to normal times mass vaccination can help. But folks REMEMBER getting vaccinated doesn’t fully assure you that you can’t get the disease,  so taking care of necessary COVID protocols is a must. 

General thoughts :

India already witnessed the horrors of the second wave along with things like black and white fungus. It is deemed that the third wave can be very deadly.  We as a strong and effective community should try to prevent its hazards and do stuff at our level best. Remember,  taking tough calls in tough times will lead to a better future.  So through cooperation, hope things will surely change ahead. 


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