The Pulse Oximeter

There was a time when people were unaware of the oximeter or may not even have heard of it. Covid-19 pandemic has surely brought some light on pulse oximeters & why one should use them.                             

A pulse oximeter is a noninvasive device invented based on a Japanese Bioengineer, Takuo Aoyagi’s research in 1974 to measure heart rate and oxygen levels. 

Swayam Care Pulse Oximeter


Pulse oximeters are used to track how well your heart is supplying oxygen in your body. Earlier oximeters were used in hospitals only. Like a thermometer, oximeters can also be found in every household as an essential device nowadays. It can be used to check the health of individuals with any type of condition that may affect oxygen levels. 

How does an oximeter work?

Place your index or middle finger on the device. Tiny rays of infrared light pass through the finger, computing the amount of oxygen in his/her body. In a pain free process, it measures changes in light absorption in the blood. At the end of the process, a pulse oximeter gives a result with your oxygen level and heart rate. 

Anybody, irrespective of age can use an oximeter whenever you face shortness of breath.

New design of Swayam Care Pulse Oximeter

Pulse Oximeter Reading:

The measurement of oxygen in the blood is called an oxygen saturation level. The reading shows the percentage of blood saturated, called SpO2 level. It is a  medically accepted fact that the test may be plus or minus 2 percent accurate.  

A healthy SpO2 level for blood oxygen falls between 95 to 100 %. A normal pulse rate of an adult ranges between 60 to 100 and an average body temperature should be 98.6 ℉ or can range between 97 to 99 ℉. But not all oximeters are designed to measure all 3-in-1.  

Using Pulse Oximeter


During a time of crisis like the Covid-19 pandemic, it is important to be aware of our SpO2 levels. Hence, it is significant to have a pulse oximeter in every household. 

We, at Swayam Care, have designed an oximeter that not only shows SpO2 but also shows BPM (Beats Per Minute) i.e pulse rate and body temperature in the same test.  

SpO295-100 %
Pulse Rate60-100
Body Temperature97- 99 ℉ 

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Swayam Care Pulse Oximeter
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